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    Quote Originally Posted by cdaniel76 View Post
    I just tested this and no, you will not get a sound, with the ringer switch off, if you get a text or call. Like the other poster said, the only sounds you will get are the alarm clock (which I just tested too, and it sounds with the ringer switch off) and music or video from the music and video players.
    and thats what i call FLAW #103! so yeah um.

    700p over pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by 700p over PRE View Post
    and thats what i call FLAW #103! so yeah um.

    700p over pre
    Get out of here with your negative bull****!

    How is it a FLAW when that's the way it was designed to be????????????
    Motorola Q (Original) -> Palm Centro -> Palm 755p -> Palm 800w -> Palm Pre
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    Yes, that sure is a flaw, when as stated it, does what it should... I leave my ringer off almost all the time, and even have forgot to turn it back on for an alarm and missed the alarm, so this flaw seems pretty well thought out...

    If you dont like the phone, then go back to the 700p section... We really don't care how much your are dissatisfied with the Pre.

    It really is such a waste to have to read a post, that really makes no sense!!
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    More than one profile for the same PRE? More than one person can use it with their own profile?...That's what the rep told me. I think he was trying to impress me because I already knew so much about the PRE....that he didnt know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyt26 View Post
    The manager of my local Corp. Store said he had some tips he wanted to send me he had been getting from Palm. These came to me in seven E-mails, which I combined. Many of them I have seen here, but there are some I had missed. Check it out:

    Pre: Turn Me On - There are 3 ways to Power Up the Pre
    1. Tap the Power Button
    2. Slide the Keyboard Out, note you don’t have to unlock with keyguard.
    3. When the Keyboard is out, press any key on the keyboard

    Remember that the Power Button does the following
    1. Sleep on/off with a press
    2. Press and Hold for 5 Seconds to Shut Down or Enter Flight Mode
    3. On an incoming call the First Press mutes the Ringer, Second Press Ignores the call

    There are 2 Ways to enter Flight Mode
    1. Press and Hold the power button for 5 seconds and Press “Enter Flight Mode”
    2. Tap the Battery/Signal Strength icons in the upper Right then Tap Turn On Airplane Mode

    Note that you can also turn On/Off WiFi and Bluetooth from this Menu

    Subject: Flag me now or Flag me later
    Here is a trick to make you forget (for a second or two) that you can’t search email:

    Last week when traveling I would flag all the emails that I would need to recall when on the road. For example, My travel literary, and a few important emails on where I was to be and when...

    1. Launch the email application
    2. Tap the email menu in the upper left
    3. Tap Preferences & Accounts
    4. Turn ON All Flagged

    You will now have an additional inbox that will contain only flagged messages from all your email accounts. If you don’t get to patriotic and don’t plant too many flags within your email it’s very easy to find what you marked.

    You can set the flag for the email your reading on the Pre as-well, just bring down the Email menu and tap Set Flag.

    This is just an Idea, This of course only works with mail still on the server and not filed away locally on your PC.

    Subject: Pre: String on my finger
    Did you know, that if you edit a contact and fill in a phrase in the Reminder field, you will see a memory balloon banner message when the person Calls, SMS, or Instant Messages you?

    1. Tap Contacts
    2. Tap Edit
    3. Scroll down to the Reminder field
    4. Tap the Reminder field
    5. Fill in quick reminder
    6. Tap Done

    So now you can add an important reminder to identify incoming Calls from important people.

    Pre: Banners Everywhere
    Did you know that the Banners notifications have two tap points. The Icon and the Text.. For example, when an email notification comes up, if you tap the email Icon within the notification it will take you to the inbox of that account. If you tap the Text next to the icon, it will take you to that message.

    Pre: Speedy Dialer
    Want to know how to set up a Speed Dial on your new Pre? Here’s how:
    1. Find the contact that you want to assign to a key on the keyboard by launching the contact application and searching for the person you want to set up as a Speed Dial.
    2. View the contact by tapping on it from the list
    3. Tap the Contact Menu in the upper Left corner
    4. Select Set Speed Dial
    5. Pick the Phone number that you want to set to the speed dial.
    6. Pick the Speed Dial Key you want to press. The open keys have “+ Add Speed Dial” next to the key. When one is already assigned you will see the actual phone number assigned to it. (Note that when you return to the contact, you will visually see the speed dial set under the number).
    7. Now you can press and hold that key from your wallpaper, while looking at the launcher, in card view, and within the Phone application

    Want to create a quick way to call someone without remember a Speed Dial Key? Use a Favorite.
    1. Find the contact that you want to set as a Favorite and see in the launcher within the Contact application
    2. View the contact by tapping on it from the list
    3. Tap the Contact Menu in the upper Left corner
    4. Select Add to Launcher
    5. Now when you look at the launcher, you will see this contacts name along with their picture.
    6. Tap on it to see all their phone numbers and Tap on the number to dial, or tap SMS to send a quick text.

    Pre: Gold Star your Favorite inbox
    Have you noticed the Gold Star in the Favorite Grouping within the email application? This Gold Star is how you designate a favorite folder such as the inbox by default. If you have a favorite folder on the server you want to see when looking at the Favorite group, Make the Star Gold, and it will appear. Take the Gold Star away and it will disappear from the favorite group.

    In any case, you can always see all the folders on the server within the Account Group by revealing with the blue arrow.

    Pre: Customizing the Phone Application
    Normally when you are looking at the dial pad within the phone application you can dial just numbers. If you look at the Top Right Corner there is a Phone Book icon, tap it and you can search for a contact to dial..

    What if you want that behavior all the time? To be able to just search when looking at the dial pad, we have a preference for that!

    • Within the Phone Preferences you can turn on Show Contact Matches, now when you type letters it automatically searches your contacts right from the dial pad.

    Don’t forget you can also card the phone application and use Universal Search!

    Pre: I can’t hear you
    So, as you might have already suspected, there are different volume levels for different application types.

    1. Audio / Visual Volume Control that is set in the Music, Video, or any A/V application with the side Volume keys. This is displayed visually as Music Notes with levels. This includes You Tube, any thing A/V.
    2. Ringer Volume, which is controlled anywhere but A/V applications using the side Volume Keys or in the Sound & Ringtone Preferences. This is displayed visually as a Bell with levels.
    3. Phone Volume (Speaker, Ear Piece, Bluetooth), which is controlled while on a Phone call using the side Volume keys. This is displayed visually as a Speaker with levels.
    4. System Sounds Clanks, Calendar alarms, and Alarm Clock alarms, set in the Sound & Ringtones Preferences using the slider.

    Ringer Switch mutes all systems sounds including Clanks, Calendar Alarms, and incoming Call rings. It does NOT mute any Audio/Visual sounds or the Alarm Clock!

    Pre: A Picture is worth a thousand words

    Want a Screen Shot for a Presentation? Use Orange + SYM + P and the Pre will capture the screen in both PNG and JPG format. You can find the screen shots located in the “screencaptures” folder on the USB drive.
    did you also know you can take a picture while in camera mode by pressing the space bar?
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    Thanks Tommy. I knew most of these but the most helpful one was about how to take screen shots. Score!
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    Is there a way to turn down or off the dial pad sound yet keep other system sounds acitive?
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    Thanks for the info! I like the screen capture capability.
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