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    I have the new message "Show Notification" set to "Off" for both of my email accounts, yet I keep getting the notifications at the bottom of the screen whenever new email comes in. Is this feature broken or what?

    The user manual says:

    Show Notification: Set whether a notification appears onscreen when a new message arrives
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    my phone intermittenly has the same issue with an exchange email address i have set to manual delivery.
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    Apparently it is a bug; there are a few people complaining about this in the Palm support forums. Sorry, can't find the link.
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    i googled the problem bc its doing the same thing for me. 4 different email accounts, all set to OFF, however i am constantly spammed at the bottom of my screen with the emails. i can swipe them off but still its annoying. especially since i get hundreds of emails every day which i have to delete 1 at a time.....
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    I might be wrong but on my phone this setting prevents the screen from waking up when an email appears. It probably helps battery life as well.

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