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    The New Phone Platform and the Prisoner - Columns by PC Magazine

    I would agree totally with his sentiment. I do like my phone but you know its true we are becoming slaves and prisoners to technology.
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    True. Why else would I be spending the time to wade through a 500 thread forum each day.
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    Are you kidding me?

    Dvorak is an *****.

    In my case, I just happen to love technology and gadgets, and my innate desire to learn everything about anything that interests me.

    This is no different than the comparison he's making about guys discussing engines (BTW, I can take a carburetor apart in my sleep).

    What a pointless article...
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    Yes, he is indeed an *****. Always has been. And the Pre isn't pronounced "pray." Hence the accent mark. Yeesh. How could someone be in his line of work and not know this? Makes his stupid little word game all the more ridiculous.

    I admit I've disliked Dvorak for over 20 years now. I never miss a chance to slam him. Funny thing is, he's often a good deal more reasonable when he's speaking extemporaneously (such as on his vidcast). It's like the more he thinks about stuff as he writes it, the more it soaks up his stupidity.
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