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    1. Sound Quality of Phone - Awful hissing and humming in background.
    2. i like the Contacts, Calendar PIMs of the old PalmOS. it just works. the webOS PIMs aren't as clean, simple, intuitive, and easy as PalmOS.
    3. keyboard - while the keyboard isn't smaller than Centro, it is more uncomfortable to use. why? the end of the keyboard is sharp and it slices at my hand sometimes when i try to type. the sides are sharp too. also, the whole keyboard piece (that bottom of the phone) is thin and hard to hold vs. a candy bar. and the device is not balance properly when open. i always feel like i need two hands to use it. unwieldy and flimsy.
    4. slider - i'm tired of opening an closing it to get at the keyboard.
    5. responsiveness consistency unpredictability of WebOS - it didn't always do what i wanted it to do. i'd press a button and sometimes it would respond and other times not. Centro PalmOS might be simple but it JUST WORKED. WebOS has a mind of its own. OS gets shaky and chuggy and wobbly and it scares me holding my data. it was also unpredictable - many times doing a different thing for the same action.
    6. battery life sucked. abysmal. all of this pushing and pulling and synergizing has a price.
    7. multitasking - what multitasking? saving and icon to be brought up later is not multitasking! on my old Centro i can listen to STREAMING RADIO like Pockettunes while i surf the web or do email. i can't stream Sprint TV/Radio and do something else on the Pre. havent tried Pandora but i want live radio stations! and i opened up like 5 basic cards (3 were PIM) and it made me shut them down WTF? jumping back and forth from card to card with a hefty elay is not fun multitasking for me.
    8. WindowsMedia Streaming - i like bloomberg radio etc. - can't stream it on PRE! Centro had no problem with WMA streams!
    9. Synergy - i don't like it. i want a CENTRALIZED MERGED location for my data and the ability to move it whereever i want. with Pre/WebOS - in EAS my data is trapped in that EAS work server account. if i leave my employer, i better TRY to back up the Outlook data from the Outlook side in the nick of time. because once i'm disconnected from that server - the data is trapped in the PRE and no way to get it out. i don't like this. with Centro, all i have to do is change the EAS settings to a new server and sync and i'm good to go. can't do that with PRE. it puts my data in a locked proprietary silo that i can't get at.
    10. Google Calendar/Contacts - suck.
    11. Lack of SD Card - sucks. i want to Auto Backup my data to SD.
    12. flimsy/clumsy USB door - yeah i can use touchstone to charge it but what about in the car?
    13. No 5 Way - i miss that easy simple navigation. poking around with my finger is inaccurate and clumsy.
    14. No "Select All" in Copy/Cut/Paste. sorry that Orange/Shift Key dance doesn't cut it.
    15. Gesture area - annoying. holding the device i hit it all the time and do stuff and launch stuff i dont want to.
    16. intermittent charging failure is a problem. i can't have a device that sometimes wants to charge and sometimes doesn't. not sure if this is a software or hardware bug but i'm tired of trying to track it down. my phone is my lifeline and i cant have a phone that sometimes wants to charge and sometimes doesn't.
    17. Browser - seems great at first but the font is so small - im tired of constantly pinching and squeezing.
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    Isn't this a repeat of your other thread as to why you returned your Pre, "Going back to Centro"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by palandri View Post
    Isn't this a repeat of your other thread as to why you returned your Pre, "Going back to Centro"?
    Exactly what I was thinking.....

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    I think this effectively moves the op to troll status.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GadgetThug View Post
    I think this effectively moves the op to troll status.
    Yeah, I think so too. What did it for me what how he was bashing the browser and going back to the Centro. Ummm....I guess because Blazer is so much better! My God, if I never have to use that browser again it will be too soon!

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