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    I have attempted to load my iTunes music library and 2 movies to my Pre but I have been unsuccessful. I have tried every thing I can possibly think of. Some of my music was able to transfer but most was not (and yes it all plays on iTunes). The movies will transfer to the Pre but when I attempt to play them they have a message that says con not be played. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. I love the Pre but I am getting so frustrated at this point I almost want to give up. Thanks again for any help.
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    Did you purchase the movies and music from the iTunes store?
    If so, you won't be able to play them on the Pre.
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    Ok here are some of the issues you are having and correct me if I am wrong. You are trying to download or move a file from your itunes to the Pre!! Here is a suggestion. Move your files over to your desktop and then move them over via USB on the Pre. It will ask you how you want it to proceed!!! MP3 files can be transfered ovevr this way. Remember video files have to be in a MP4 format. I had an Instinct and I used the Sprint media manager to convert my movies over to the instinct memory card and moved them over from there.

    I hope this will help you out!!!
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    No the movies were digital copies. So where do I put the MP3s? Cause I dont see a file for music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showson1 View Post
    Did you purchase the movies and music from the iTunes store?
    If so, you won't be able to play them on the Pre.
    this is NQR - not quite right. older files purchased from the itunes store (before they eliminated DRM) will not work on the pre, but all newer DRM-free stuff will. try downloading a vieo podcast and transferring it to your pre using itunes - should work like a charm.
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    Palm should have made this easier and had a library software to go along with the pre.... This is getting tiring and extremely frustrating.
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    The "Digital Copy" from Blu-ray uses DRM, just as all iTunes movies do. These will never play on your Pre, though I believe Doubletwist will let you reencode them for the Pre. (I could be mistaken on that, I've never actually used it.)

    The Pre just doesn't play DRM formats, that's your issue.

    Assuming you bought the music from iTunes, any of those files from before a certain date earlier this year also had DRM, and Apple charges $0.30 per file to remove the DRM from those files, but again, I believe this is something Doubletwist can handle.
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    when you plug in the pre and do media sync it will create a playlist for the pre. If i remember right it will load all your music in the playlist. remove all the copyright music from the play list. You will probably need to click on the manually manage sync. click on the sync button and it will start. For video, you need to be connected by usb. This will make you phone a removable harddrive. my video is in .m4v format, if so just change the format to .mp4. Drag the the movie you want to the pre drive. your done

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