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    Hi all,
    I was trying to pull up a video on Youtube today and it kept erroring out.
    I then tried some other ones and same deal.

    I could get on the web, use the Twitter app, etc.. but no YouTube love.

    Anyway, I just reset the phone and then I've been good to go since.
    Just wondering if anyone else ran into this.

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    I get these errors too, usually though, I'm able to play the same video a few moments later.
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    I have yet to successfully watch a non-Palm video of any kind on the pre. That carries over into youtube where any video I've chosen plays for a few seconds at a time, then hangs, skips some time, plays a bit more, and then eventually hangs completely. Strangely, the playback indicator shows that the cache-ahead has more content downloaded and ready to play however it is unable to proceed without hiccups and eventual halting. This is using WIFI and after a fresh restart of the device from Device Info->Reset Options->Restart.

    I'm thinking that this is extremely unbaked stuff we're dealing with. Overall, I find the phone promising but bring on the updates Palm!

    A friend of mine with an out-of-contract iPhone called me today to ask how I liked the Pre. He is tired of dropped calls on AT&T and wants to come back to Sprint. I told him that coming from a well baked product like the iPhone, he'd hate the Pre for at least 3 to 6 months. I hope that's all it takes!


    P.S. I went into this with both eyes open and am not complaining- the current behavior is every bit what I expected (sad but true).
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    I've got other problems with my Pre, but not Youtube. The worst I've seen is occasional pauses when I was relying on the Sprint signal, but most of the time not even that. When I play videos using WiFi, they play perfectly and the video quality on that little screen is very impressive.

    Did you download the 1.02 OS upgrade?

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