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    I know there are already many negative threads here regarding the Pre, but this isn't so much a negative thread as much a challenge to Palm. I think most of us would agree that reception for the Pre has been overwhelmingly positive, and that most of the people who have gotten one are apparently quite pleased with it. WebOS is amazing, and the Pre itself is a marvel of design.

    That said, a quick glance at the first few pages of this forum will show that there are definite hardware problems with the Pre. These aren't isolated incidents of one or two people having a unique issue or people criticizing the design of the phone. These are relatively widespread, reproducible problems that many people are experiencing. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Phone overheating when plugged into charger
    • Phone overheating when sitting on Touchstone
    • Phone overheating when in a low coverage area
    • Screen distortion/splotches which get worse with heat
    • Signal dropping in and out and fluctuating wildly
    • Loose slider mechanism which causes phone to give from side to side
    • System resets when opening/closing the keyboard

    Some of these, such as the last one, can be fixed with user modifications, but it is still a hardware flaw. Others, such as the signal problems, possibly could be repaired in a software update. However, others such as the screen problems, simply can't be fixed without replacing the entire unit.

    These are real issues, we are not imagining them or just being finicky about the hardware. They seriously detract from the otherwise enjoyable experience of using this phone. Though we who are experiencing hardware problems may be in the minority, so what? Does that mean we should be ignored or brushed off as complainers because we want the same experience as those who were lucky enough to get a good unit? I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that our money go toward the same good hardware most buyers are getting.

    So my question to Palm is, are you listening? Can you at least acknowledge the fact that these problems exist and offer a glint of hope at how you plan on rectifying the situation? Right now I feel like I am going to be shafted because I'm in the minority with these issues, and there might not be enough people experiencing them for Palm to worry about addressing their problems.

    Please. At least let us know that you recognize these issues, and that you haven't forgotten about those of us who were unlucky enough to get defective units. I think it would put many minds at ease.
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    Let them know on their official forums. They seem to be listening to some of the feedback:

    Palm Support Forums - Palm Support Forums
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    Having got a blackberry storm in the first week... i can honestly say.. This phone launch went 100 times smoother!!

    That being said... problems are expected for a new phone. I think they will listen.

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