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    I've seen a few posts about Profiles of different sort sbut I havent discovered one which has discussed an on-the-fly Power Profile set (and please, direct me to the thread if it exists).

    With the battery power being so fleeting I think it's important to be able to manage it more effectively.

    ie power is getting low; switch to "Low" Power Profile
    (Location Serv. Off, BT Off, Screen Brightness Down etc)

    Or is this already an option that Im completely missing on the Pre? Is it customizable?
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    Ha, customization on the Pre?

    There's almost none of that yet, unfortunately.
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    Yes, we need a low power "profile" option - to allow you enough use/time to get to a charger.
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    I was hoping that once the sdk comes out I would take a look to see if it would be possible to implement one. All you need to to be able to flip the global preferences.

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