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    With the Centro, you can press and hold any key to launch an App or Bookmark... I loved this feature. I really extended the SpeedDial concept. Any idea how to do this with the Pre? I can't believe Palm would not carry that feature over. It's like having a couple dozen quick-launch spots

    Any other Palm users missing this feature? Any hope to have it added?

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    i don't think it would be as useful as it is with the centro cuz the pre only has 3 hard button you can use.... and they did bring it over and made it better... it's called the gesture bar
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    The Pre as dozens of buttons you can use (ie the keyboard). On my centro, I would press and hold w to bring up weather, p to bring up wikipedia, d to play doom, etc. I am really missing this one touch app / web page launching.

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    It was especially useful with Butler, where you could press and hold a key while inside any app to launch. I really miss that feature.

    On the bright side (hah!) there are so few apps in the catalog I don't have much trouble finding the one I want in the launcher.

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