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    ATTN: Palm

    Grouped call history would be excellent. What I mean is all calls to/from an individual contact are grouped under their name. The contact names would be ordered on the call history screen by the most recent to/from call. Each name would have a drop down arrow (like the one in the email app) next to it to expand the calls for the contact. The there would be the list with the date and time and some sort of indicator of whether it was outgoing or incoming or missed (green yellow red arrows or whatever).
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    I would like to see this feature, also!!
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    absolutely, i want this.

    i just got back into insurance sales and this would really benefit me. and if we could add notes to what happened at each phone call would be even better.

    my old phone i could create folders of contacts, example: friends, family, work etc.

    is this possible on the pre?

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