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    First, I upgraded from the Palm 680. I like Palm, but I'm not so much of a fanboy I can't be critical of what I see/use.

    Hardware Pros:
    • Obviously it's a better overall device than the 680
    • The size is much better, and having it in my back pocket isn't a problem anymore
    • Screen is crisp and much higher resolution than what i came from
    • The unlock function is much better than the 680. I'll finally quit accidentally calling people
    • I was initially concerned with rumors about the keyboard, but its perfectly fine. I'm having to get used to the new placement of several keys but overall it feels about the same to me
    • The shape really is perfect. Not too wide, not too tall. It's perfect!

    Software Pros:
    • Multitasking is great
    • FINALLY an App Store!
    • Screen disables when you're on the phone saving the battery
    • The browser is very good. Tested my bandwidth at my house and got 983kbps
    • Really everything that's been advertised is there and works as you'd expect. The way it should be.
    • Overall the phone is snappy and responsive with few jitters

    Hardware Cons:
    • The microUSB cover is a pain in the ***. I didn't think i'd ever get it off to plug in. I couldn't imagine trying to do that while driving a car or while on a conversation with the battery dying. NOTE: The manual states its much easier to get off if you have the keyboard slid out. That helps, but it also shows that its a problem. I'm not the only one. I'll probably eventually cut that piece of plastic off so I don't have to deal with it.
    • The slider seems a little cheap, but not too bad. I was expecting something a little sturdier and am going to have to be cautious with it I feel.
    • The Power On putton is a tad small, but I think I'll get over that.
    • Speaker on the back seems a little weak. Used Spring Navigation and the lady's volume was so low you could barely hear her.
    • I thought I'd be able to use any micro-USB cable to charge it. Now I hear that it has to be a certain type. Lame. But Oh well.
    • Battery is so-so. I think they decided to just go with a batter that lasts you about 1 day with normal use instead of one that could POSSIBLY stretch for two. I'll be charging it every night and I should be good to go for the day, so its not too bad.
    • While I could put it on my launcher, I think I'll miss the standalone camera button on the side of my phone in case I need to take a quick picture.

    Software Cons:
    • Unlike the 680 there is no "Upcoming Events/Due Tasks" so you are in the dark until the reminder alarm kicks in (unless you watch your calendar all the time) There should be notification on the desktop somewhere listing your next event and a more expanded list in the calendar of tasks and events.
    • And this is more of an issue with Sprint than the Pre: The fact that this device, which beats on its chest about multitasking, can't do voice and data at the same time. That stinks.
    • The Launcher only has 3 pages and you can't add more pages to help organize the eventual large mess. Plus needing to scroll in two directions to find applications is bad (and yes i know about Universal Search but opening the keyboard shouldn't be a necessity. Don't sound like a Linux fanboy that lives in the command prompt.)
    • The Launcher also needs to display more items per page. 9 isn't going to cut it if you have 50+ apps/Links.
    • Several non-intuitive issues like deleting an application, selecting text or moving the cursor
    • Wish I could still select text on the 680. The two handed mode now is a bit annoying
    • The screen is either off or on with no dim for inactivity causing you to have to go through the unlock process if you aren't watching what you're doing. This could also help save battery.
    • The browser bookmarks that display initially could be done better. Not a big fan of those. Not sure if it should be a list form or the huge icons they currently have.
    • If you are in camera mode and want to go to photos, you can. If you are in Photos, you can't get to the camera. This should be added.
    • Speaking of photos, they need to add Flickr and Picasa to the photo sites.
    • Contact list and Accounts: I wish they would allow more personalization. For instance you could have full sync mode like it is now, or partial if you don't want those contacts integrated, but give you the ability to search for them in the "Online" Universal Search only.

    In all the device is great, despite the larger number of bullet points that were negative. That's mostly do the fact that we've all heard about what's great about the phone and i don't want to waste my time talking about those numerous things. However, I think I'm already ready for a 1.5 OS update. There are alot of features and usefulness problems that need to be addressed that many people seem to be having issues with. I think the launch was a bit rushed, and they could have used another 3-6 months to tweak things. They stated in one of the videos they built the whole thing from the bottom up in a short amount of time and i think it shows some.

    Luckily many of the bigger issues I have are software related that they CAN fix if they want to. I think if WebOS is their next big thing that will be brought to more and more products, they will definitely be working on, fixing, and updating it for us Pre users as well.

    The future is bright and Palm/Sprint get a B+/A- for this product launch.
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    Nice review.

    By the way, the screen does dim before tirning off from inactivity.
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    Well, if it does have inactivity dimming, it seems hit and miss. I've seen it dim, but it doesn't seem to happen all the time, or it will happen randomly. I'm sure this will be fixed eventually though.

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