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    I've noticed that the browser in my pre stops working when I go from a wifi connection to sprint data (EVDO or not). After a reset of the unit the browser will work again using the cell data connection. Here are the steps that lead to this error...

    Restart and connect to sprint data. Open browser and view pages. Browsing works
    Turn on wifi and connect to a wifi network. Browsing still works.
    Turn off wifi and remain connected to sprint data. Browsing no longer works, however other data services, email, do continue to work.

    Apparently the browser in my phone does not like going from cellular to wifi data and back. The only thing that clears this error is a reset.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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    I've this had this issue, made a post two days ago, in my case the phone wouldn't connect to EVDO after switching to 1X & Yes a reset of the phone would get things working again - Interestingly enough my phone would refuse to connect to WIFI (would be in a loop searching for wifi, but wouldn't find one) , at least you can manage that. BTW Go ahead and try Googlemaps when the browser isn't work, i guarantee GMAPS would give you a connection error. Get a replacement before your 30 days are up.

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