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    I made the switch. and the pre reminds me daily about how much i hated my touch pro!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdaniel76 View Post
    I switched from the Treo 800w and the Pre is 18.5 MILLION percent better! I only had my 800w for 7 months and had to get it replaced 3 times(read: four units in total) due to constant freezing and resetting issues. The 800 was a freaking BRICK of a phone and Palm needs to put it out of its misery!
    Sir , you and I donot share the same name , but the exact same thing happened with me.

    Four 800W in seven months.
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    I went from a HTC Touch Pro to the Pre. At first i thought I had made a mistake but now more apps have come out and I love my Pre. I hope to see a few changes in the future. You know how you get one of those funny text messages, well i wish I could foward it and a blinking light for messages text/voice/email would be nice additions to the Pre.
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    I had the TP until a couple days ago, and made the switch. I LOVE the Pre, but at times I do miss some apps from the TP. I still have it, so I can freely switch back and forth to get my WinMo fix. I was running EnergyROM which was GREAT!
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    Made the switch from TP to Pre last week and I have to say i didn't realize what a POS the TP was until I actually got my hands on a Pre. The only two things i missed were the LED notifications(can root pre to enable that) and a filemanager(dL'd Internalz and now I'm happy) BTW takes some time to get used to the Pre keyboard but when you do it's great!
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    I switched from a Touch Pro and I really liked it .. not stock though... the following program makes the phone awesome.
    SPB Mobile Shell 3.0

    It makes the user interface similar to android and ran smoothly without feeling like a mini windows computer.

    I switched to the Palm Pre cause I bought into the hype and am impressed with this phone too..... I would be just as happy with either phone as of now but I have a feeling that when palm releases more apps in the catalog I will be even happier with my pre.
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    The pre is more efficient and the picturemail is integrated directly into the texts wgich makes it much easier. I miss some of the apps on the pro and I loved my pro.. But hands down, the pre is just wow
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    I had the touch pro too, but year after year WINDOWS MOBILE is becoming a BLACKBERRY. software all business and no real change in OS....I got tired of laggy and resets and just the horrid use of windows, ROM's should be an option NOT a way to make your phone work efficiently
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