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    Let me start by saying that I have been following the Palm Pre since December. I had been anticipating this phone for a while and was really excited about the Web OS. I went out on friday night to a premiere party and came home with 4 palm pre's. After playing with mine for an entire day..i realized that Palm had made a big mistake. The OS is magnificent, no question about that. The multi-tasking is great and so were the menus ( graphics ) on the phone. The Cards feature was something that i was really looking forward to as well as the multi-touch capabilities..but they did not meet my expectations. The cards were suppose to be live and after going back to a web page it will refresh most if not all the time. The pinch to zoom was laggy and so were the different applications on the phone. After opening about 3 cards * and email* my phone was out of memory. I had 3 dead pixels on the phone and the battery got so hot my ear was red after 10 minutes of talk time. The edge of the keyboard ended up being as sharp as some people had speculated. Believe me when I say that this phone was poorly made by Chi Mei Communication Systems. I cannot believe that Palm went to them as oppose to reaching out to HTC like they had in the past. I cannot get over the build of the phone. The port to charge was a pain the open..almost broke it within 3 diff. charging sycles. My main concern was the hardware. I will not sit here and complain about the operating sytem anymore..I know palm will issue some firmware updates..but I had to walk away because of hardware. I've had the Samsung Instinct for about a year now and I cannot be more disappointed with it; problems left and right..therefore i cannot afford to pay $300 dollars for a phone that is that poorly made. I feel let down by Palm .. Palm knew it from the very beginning. If Ed C. had it in his hands..John R. had it..and Dan Hesse had theirs..someone had to step up and say "hey this phone feels like its made in china..and those sharp edges feel like ****..should we do something about it ? "
    jesus..6 months ..and the brilliance of the web os is destroyed by Chi Mei..if only palm had gone with HTC we wouldn't be having dead back cover *battery*..and any other problem that has been posted all over the forums. Now Derek Kessler has the bright idea of fixing the battery with a MacGyver solution"..really ? i buy a $300 phone *world wide recession* that i have to modify with something in order to work properly ? ...Palm couldn't take care of this **** ??? really? CHI MEI...??? ha...what a joke.

    I took mine back along with my lady's pre. Sorry time get it straight and take your f'n time ..what a ****ty way to try to stay alive..great os..bad hardware..ha

    i loved my pre for 6 months..but after a day..i walked away. please feel free to judge me..but you know what i said had some truth to it. so long sprint/palm.. hello ...? t-mo..? verizon..? att..?

    metro pc**** : (
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    uh oh.
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    Go straight to AT&T and get yourself an iPhone. Problem solved. It's made of some really nice hardware. Palm and their ****ty phone will be just fine. lol.
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    You bought a phone that doesnt suit you, it happens.
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    Palm hardware has never been the best quality.
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    Too bad for you. Mine seems to work perfectly.
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    Good lord, man. It's been 3 frekin days, give palm some time to make some tweaks.
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    the iphone is made by the same people so go ahead and get a iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Too bad for you. Mine seems to work perfectly.
    Same here. I've had phones that would get hotter then the pre. My wing actually melted its own back cover to the battery. Maybe the Eos might be better for ya when more info comes out about it. Good luck with the phone hunt.
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    I agree that the biggest gripes about the Pre pretty much boil down to the hardware- the decision to exclude expandable memory, , poor battery, the screen blotches, the hard little keyboard (seriously, the Nokia E71 keyboard would have killed on this phone). I'm looking forward to the next gen- Eos?- to see what a (hopefully) good hardware combined with the excellent software can do.
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    Huh, the pinch zoom being laggy is crazy to me. It's what I wowed my coworkers with, it's smooth as butter.
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    Dude.... got a word for you.... paragraphs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    the iphone is made by the same people so go ahead and get a iphone.
    What are you smoking? Having a couple of ex-Apple designers does not mean they are made by the same people. Apple and Palm are two very different companies and the only thing Apple had to do with the Pre was the software user interface that Palm stole from them.
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    I know this may sound crazy but does anyone else get the feeling that there are iPhone fans on here making up stores to try to generate negative hype?

    I mean maybe it's just me. Maybe my expectations weren't as huge as those of many people because this phone has blown me away. I admit that it's not perfect but many of the problems will be solved by software fixes. I was initally disapointed with the 8MB of storage but after trying out Pandora I now feel like I don't really need any more.
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    What's with all of these whining threads?
    Not every phone is for everyone, if you don't like it return it and get something else.
    iPhone are great phones and there are tons of others out there as well.

    I personally had an iPhone before the Pre and am much happier with the Pre.
    If you don't like it that's cool, just don't gum up the forums by complaining about it.
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    I think this guy works for HTC since he keeps whining that they didn't get the manufacturing contract.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    I know this may sound crazy but does anyone else get the feeling that there are iPhone fans on here making up stores to try to generate negative hype?
    I completely agree with you. I've had both generation iPhones, and I like the pre better. I also haven't had a lot of the problems people are talking about. Mine is not slow in any application, at all. Pinch to zoom works on pre better than on iPhone. Phone is faster in general. I could not be happier.
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    This is exactly why I am holding off on getting one. The software/firmware issues are understandable and easily taken care of. The hardware issues are another thing all together. Some have phones with no problems at all and way too many are having very concerning problems. I realize market pressures required Palm and Sprint to push this phone out as quickly as possible. A lot of the problems people are reporting can't be fixed with an OTA update.

    The OS is industry-changing. I am sitting back until the hardware problems are resolved.
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    This thread is funny.
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    Of course there are moles. No biggie. I suggest people do a better job deciding what they want before they make big purchases. I'm happy with my purchase because I considered the pros and cons, including waiting for SDKs, SPs and apps. That's part of the deal. Still, the best phone I ever had and far more suited to MY needs than iPhone or Blackberry.
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