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    I was just playing with a Pre and tried moving the cursor between form fields, without using my finger to press on the next field. I couldn't find any gesture to do it.

    From a gesture guide I found it looks like this can be accomplished by holding down the red button and then dragging anywhere. I'm not clear if this means simply dragging in the gesture area. Is there a way to also jump between links?

    I own a G1 and expect to be able to tab easily between form fields or links, which I currently have a trackball for. Thanks.
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    I cannot get that to work to TAB between fields. There has got to be a way to do it!
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    No Tab... Just Diet Coke with nutrasweet...

    We all miss Tab too....
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    Holding down the orange button and dragging anywhere only moves the cursor around within the current text field. I don't believe it'll move between text fields, unfortunately.

    Also, when they say anywhere, they mean anywhere. Hold the orange button and touch and drag your finger anywhere on the screen to see the cursor move. Its kind of nice because your finger doesn't obscure the cursor or text box (if you don't put your finger right over it).

    But, I would like to see a nice tabbing feature. I don't think there is one, though.

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