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    Oh.. who remembers the good old Treo300 days when if you let your battery drain to -0- you lost all your data....

    Well... I am having flashbacks.. alhough I assume I did not brick my phone... But it does not work at all at the moment and according to the Palm Troubleshooting guide.. this is normal!!

    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Battery does not charge or hold a charge

    I let my battery drain to 0... and then plugged it in... a Large battery with a lightening bolt appeared when I plugged it in, BUT the phone would not turn on.

    I unplugged it and a large icon of a cord/plug appeared with a big "?"

    Plugging it back in does not seem to do anything... still a picture of a cord/plugand a big "?"

    Same thing when I put it on the touchstone now.

    From Pam's troubleshooting guide:

    "Your battery may be charging even if it does not appear to be doing so. If your battery becomes extremely low, a message appears telling you to connect your phone to a charger, and your phone soon shuts off. After you connect your phone to a charger, you still may not be able to turn it on for up to 20 minutes while the battery charges to the minimum level for operation."

    So.. it may be charging.. I assume it is... I will let everyone know the results in 20 minutes or so... BUT if you want to use your phone... do not let it run to -0- and think you can just plug it in and work while it is plugged in...

    Lesson learned... at the moment I own a pretty brick... (or polished lake pebble...)

    Additional guidance from Palm guide:

    My phone won't turn onArticle ID: 17390

    If your phone will not turn on, try these steps. If your phone turns on, there is no need to continue the procedure.

    Press power .
    Press and hold power .
    Press and hold power and slide the ringer switch three times to restart your phone.
    Your phone needs a certain level of charge to be able to turn on. If you’re not sure how charged your phone is, charge it for a least 20 minutes using the AC charger plugged directly into a wall outlet, and then repeat steps 1 to 3
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    take the battery out and then put the battery back in - it happened to me yesterday & that's what the Sprint store told me to do. it worked.
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    This is the same as any ipod, iPhone, and my blackberry bold
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    same with my ipod, i often forget my battery ran out.
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    same here, took my battery out. booted right back up. I'll never let my battery drain again, i know that much.
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    Known issue in the sticky ' Buglist for Pre ' thread. See #23
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    LOL. Don't panic. Many, MANY phones are like this, including my Blackberry Curve that I had prior to the Pre. In fact, my Pre is dead right now as well....well let charge for a while and I am sure it will be fine.
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    This happened to me the first day also, the biggest problem was this happened at 3am. And I bite my nails so it took me a good 45 mins to even get the back off which I couldn't even do. Luckily my mom woke up and she let me use her nail. I hate the way you take the back off the phone, I love love love how great and simple the Storms was, but thank god this is a huge deal. Just pull out battery and boom your good to go.
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    happened to my wifes phone. left it plugged in 10 mins and it was back to normal.
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    This happened to me last night while I was out drinking. It died on me at the bar. Luckily I had my charger in the car (my radio has a USB port) so I started charging it. But I was very annoyed at the fact that even though the phone was getting power, I had to wait like 15 minutes until it had enough "juice" to be usuable.
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    Thanks all... I did search before I posted... Guess I missed it.

    Battery reset did not turn phone on, but I did get back to the power charging indicator and then to a nice palm logo, so I assume it is charging.. I have a nice brick for a while though.... Like I said... lesson learned... With no back up battery nor battery charging cradle for an extra battery if there was one... this is hard.. I am going to follow Dieter's advice and get an emergency charger with an adapter that fits at Best Buy tonight....

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    Yeah this is like hell trying to figure out the first time.
    Drove 3 hours to buy my Palm Pre on day one.
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    dude, relax, my sony ericsson does that too and I never had any trouble with it.

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