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    Anyone having the problem with your pre whereas you will get 5-10 "raindrops" on your screen all at once and if it touches any program it will load it?

    My phone will be idle and all of a sudden i will see tons of little rain drops on the screen and once it touches a program or anything in that nature it will open it or close it depending on what it touches. I can't control my phone when it does this. Sometimes it will stop by itself and other times i have to restart the device.

    I went to best buy today and i spoke with palm rep who happened to be there. When i first described this to him he looked at me like i was insane. So, i turned my phone on and bam there it goes again. He was like "WOW"...they didnt have any phones in stock for me to switch out...but i was wondering if anyone else has got this bug and if so..have you been able to fix it without returning the phone. Thank Guys
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    Sounds like it is mis-registering touches to the screen. If you can't calibrate it then I would swap it.
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    is there a way to calibrate the screen??
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    Quote Originally Posted by gruppe3942 View Post
    is there a way to calibrate the screen??
    There's a way to test it via System Tests (related post).
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    oh yea...i have done that and everything comes back fine. The palm rep said that he thinks it has something do with the sensors and the screen...maybe one of them is going bad...
    either way ill get a new one..but its just annoying at the moment
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    Oh well. I was hoping the system tests might shed some light. That is annoying.
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    That did happen to me once the first day. It has not happened since.
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    Rain drops? Take a screenshot

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