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    I played around with Flightview to track a flight a friend was on today, and I set Flightview to alert me of status changes. The program worked great and the one really neat feature of WebOS really shined, that was getting the notifications. I then figured I didn't want to run down the battery so I closed the program. Moments later, I got another notification (if I click on it it'll open the program) and yet another notification.

    It looks like closing a program does not really close a program, they have the ability to still do stuff in the background. I wonder of Accuweather checks for weather alerts in the background causing battery drain, and I wonder if the Twitter apps were checking for updates in the background.

    My question is are these notifications being pushed to the phone or are my programs fetching information? I do remember Palm discussing a push feature similar to what Apple is doing with their 3.0, has that been activated? I'm just wondering if some applications are draining my battery even after I close them out.
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    Right now we have no way of knowing how these apps are updating?
    Are they push? Are they just polling?
    Are any of them keeping our phones up? Memory leaks?

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