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    I got the Pre on Saturday, even though I was 12th in line at a Sprint dealer, but my friend(manager) kept a Pre secured for me and I have to say this phone is trully amazing, despite some bugs.

    Im still getting used to the keyboard but the gummy keys are starting to feel a lot better than my old touch pro. My typing has gotten better but overall the keyboard is what makes the pre(hardware) great! The Pre's screen may be much smaller than the iphone or storm but when typing comes around..were not stuck with 2/3's of the sreen dedicated to a virtual keyboard!!!

    Any complains about the keyboard? surprises? usability?
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    Overall, I agree. As I'm getting used to the keyboard, I'm getting pretty fast--not as fast as with my Mogul, but decent. I've found my accuracy to be better, but that might be more a factor of the slower typing speed. I'm already to the point, though, where I'd take the Pre's physical keyboard over any virtual keyboard I've used.
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    I like the tacky feel to it. Hard to type with one hand, but otherwise easy to use. But I had a Pearl before hand and that keyboard was frustrating.
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    copy and paste.. easy.. ready..

    say your in a text.. and type alot.. and want to copy it.. k.. hold down the up arrow.. right next to the @ symbol.. and drag your finger anywhere on the screen.. to the left, and it will hilight the text.. now.. to copy..

    hold down in the black area next to the dot (gesture area), and hit c at the same time, then, do the same thing, and hit v, to paste it.. same with x, to cut..
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    It works great for me. I went from a Palm 755p to the Instinct. I will take the pre keyboard over instinct anyday. A few days on it and I'm getting pretty fast with it.
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    when I tried it in the store (no pre for me yet) I was expecting my accuracy to be horrible considering I'm a fat guy. Surprisingly, I found it tough to type, but with WAY less errors than on my iPhone
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    ditto bry.. i came from the instinct.. i am a little slower still.. but geting used to it.
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    i like it better than touch pro, i can type one handed again.

    edit: i was much faster on my treo 700 but i think i'll get back there again.
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    I love the keyboard better than my treo 600/650. I use the tip of my nail and can breeze through messages one or two-handed. I didn't think I was going to get used to it so quickly after reading the "horror stories" from iPhone users who reviewed it, (Engadget / Gizmodo) but after one use, I was already typing twice as fast as I can with the iPhone.

    Haven't tried the cut/copy/paste, but I rarely need to do that on my phone. Now if I can just save an image from a web page...
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    isn't there a website you can go to that you can test how many words you're typing a minute on a mobile phone? I did a search on BGR cause i thought they posted a link, but I couldn't find it there nor Google.
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    Best keyboard on the market...dedicated @, period, and comma. Coming from a 700..the guy at the Sprint store was very impressed with my typing speed. If you have had a Treo, you will have no problem.
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    I love it. Coming from a Centro it is HUGE! I still go for the "Menu" key though .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enlil242 View Post
    Haven't tried the cut/copy/paste, but I rarely need to do that on my phone. Now if I can just save an image from a web page...
    u can just zoom into the pic and take a screenshot and it is then saved on your phone.
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    Never had a phone with a Keyboard and I'm loving it!
    My wife and I both got Pre's on Saturday and I said to her this morning that I was typing extra long text messages including punctuation because I thought the keyboard was so good and even fun. She completely agreed.
    It's the first phone keyboard I have ever used, so maybe there are better out there, but for a noob to the smart phone, I'm loving it.
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    hey does anyone else ahve the problem where while typing a txt msg or something the cursor disapears or goes to the begining of the text. I think I'm hitting something by acciden't but I don't know what. Can someone help.
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    I moved from an iPhone to a Treo 650 (after my iPhone broke) which I've had about a month and a half now.
    I've had NO problems with the Pre keyboard, I hardly make any mistakes and I'm a 6'2", 230lb guy with big hands.

    I don't have any problem with the size of the keyboard at all and prefer it to the software keyboard on the iPhone.

    Oh, and this is after only one day, I just got it yesterday morning after the WWDC announcement.
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    I don't care much for the gummy keys but that doesn't bother me as much as how little room there is at the top row of thumbs bump the screen. But either of those things isn't as annoying as a virtual keyboard.
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    The keyboard is great! I liked my tilt one better since it had arrow keys and the like, but all in all, I don't make mistakes and can type pretty fast on this thing. I'm satisfied.
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    yup, no problems here either its actually quite nice to type on hardly any errors.. Battery sucks though :P!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    I love it. Coming from a Centro it is HUGE! I still go for the "Menu" key though .
    So do I! Kind of miss it actually... Also kept hitting the return key instead of delete, given the slight curve of the Pre's keyboard compared to the straight Centro's. After a couple days, I'm not doing it so much anymore. I'm at least as fast, if not a little faster, than I was on my Centro.
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