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    Like the keyboard and got used to it pretty quickly. However, it would be nice if you had as much space on the top (area above keys) as you do on the bottom (area below spacebar). It seems as thought it would have been easy to do, although it may have looked stranger aesthetically.
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    keyboard is fine.
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    Coming from a Samsung upstage, I'm getting used to the full QWERTY keyboard.. and other than a few typos, it's not too bad at all.

    Question, though... if I typo, is my only option to delete back to the mistake, or drop my cursor in, with my finger to correct it, or is there a way to arrow around to it? If there is, I'm not seeing it.
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    It isnt the best keyboard. The keys have very little 'click' or depth to them. It is a little small and cramped against the top of the slider. It lacks autocomplete options like double spacebar for period and others that should be standard by now.

    On the positive side: the keys are a nice texture and the layout is very usable. It is a decent and usable keyboard, but it doesnt compare to any recent Blackberry keyboard or any of the best WM/Sidekick keyboards.

    I think Palm would have been wise to license RIM's Suretype technology as used in the Pearl series and several WM devices. It would have fit perfectly in the space available and I think it would have made for a better experience overall. But nothing is perfect, and the current keyboard is better then an all touchscreen one.
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    I went from a Treo to Centro to Curve. I was fastest on my Curve, but liked the texting on the Treo and Centro way better, how they log the conversations under someone's name rather than as an outbox/inbox type. The Pre's keyboard is just like the Centro's to me and its perfectly fine. I love that there is the comma and @ I just always forget that I don't need to shift for it or something!

    Pre = great. no issues, way more fun than my curve
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    I love this keyboard. Just about perfect (coming from my 800w).
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    I've been really getting used to the kyboatd now...the buttons feel great after some use.
    I'm better than what I was on my Touch Pro
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    anyway to have the keyboard make a 'click' noise when it hit a letter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgrobe2112 View Post
    copy and paste.. easy.. ready..

    say your in a text.. and type alot.. and want to copy it.. k.. hold down the up arrow.. right next to the @ symbol.. and drag your finger anywhere on the screen.. to the left, and it will hilight the text.. now.. to copy..

    hold down in the black area next to the dot (gesture area), and hit c at the same time, then, do the same thing, and hit v, to paste it.. same with x, to cut..
    best explanation yet, I never under stood the whole, "gesture area plus C thing" until now! thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter600 View Post
    anyway to have the keyboard make a 'click' noise when it hit a letter?
    I'm sure it could be added with an OS update or hack, but that would annoy the hell out of me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    I'm sure it could be added with an OS update or hack, but that would annoy the hell out of me.
    Yeh will it would just be an option, not mandatory.
    Like im coming from touch pro, and windows of course has user option to make screen clicks and/or keyboard pro

    Just a nice feature for those that like audile confirmation for when they tap the screen or keyboard
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