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    My battery was 100% dead by 2:00pm yesterday ater taking it off the charger at 8:00am (use was minimal). Last night I got on precentral and read a forum that said hotmail could be an issue so I completely erased my hotmail account. It is now 12:30 and am still at 100% charge; granted I've only used it a few times today but yesterday, even with hotmail updating every 24 hours, my pre would run very hot and drain (a lot) even when on standby. Today it has stayed very cool and has drained hardly at all while on standby. I was about to return my pre but maybe now I wont..
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    damn, i guess ill have to forward my hotmail through gmail and delete my hotmail account as well.
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    This worked for me too.... I think even if you change the settings to 12 hrs or 24 hrs it will still check every 15 minutes
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    This is so true. I read the same article and didn't want to believe it. I put my hotmail on manual and they still come through every couple of hours on manual, but I was completely dead yesterday at 2:30pm( I took it off the charger at 7:30am) Now today It's 2pm and i'm at 54%. I've made a few calls, had Spaz open all day. A few texts. a few gmail emails directly pushed and MSN has popped up twice today. I can't figure it out, but i can deal with it. and i was on facebook. I already oredered my 1350mah battery from Seidio. So my battery issues are solved.
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    I added my hotmail account to my Pre and within 20 minutes it heated up like a toaster. I didn't have any heat issues before hotmail, and I haven't had any issues since I removed my hotmail email account. Clearly something just isn't right with hotmail.
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    They don't call it HOT mail for nothing

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