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    i'm trying to "right click" and "save as" a jpeg on a webpage that i frequent to use as my background. any suggestions on how (if possible) to get a similar right click contectual menu?
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    Topic has been discussed plenty of times..
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    No way... yet.

    Work around... zoom-in to image and then take a screen shot. Orange+SYM+P
    ........ Please read the Palm Pre Manual and the Palm Pre Solutions Guide.

    Check out the official Palm blog.
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    you cant......yet......maybe.
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    Since this is the first hit on google with "webOS browser image save" (as of 2010/03/12), I'll revive the thread for answering:
    - hold orange key (below A for the Pre Plus people)
    - tap on image

    Cheers, J
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    dude, I love you! Thank you!
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    Good god...I've been wondering about this since I got my Pre last year...thanks for the tip!!!
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    Thanks lot. saved lot of trouble

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