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    Does anyone know if the Navigation app works vis-a-vis a spotty data connection?

    I'm going to be taking a trip where I believe I will be without service for much or at least some of the time. Any idea how the turn-by-turn reacts to this?

    I guess I'm hoping that I can just set up the itinerary and destination when I do have a signal and it'll just route me there and not need to keep connecting to the internet through the whole trip.
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    I just returning from a long trip. Navigation worked like a charm. I had an "X" on my signal (no roaming nothing) for about 15 minutes, but my navigation kept on working. It was great. The negative is that the phone got hot while the navigation was on. So I turned my screen off most of the time. The voice navigation works great even when the screen is off. I would check every now and then by turning the screen on. I also stopped Navigation when I did not need it - was worried about the phone over-heating. Pre getting hot is a bit of a bummer - though mine only seems to be getting hot when the gps is on / working.

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