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    More updates

    Man o man has it been 1 hell of a day. So after the hang up at 16% i popped the battery out and used the volume up button trick to get the computer to recognize it again. This time it had gone up to 25% (charging my battery still some kind of way). Hung again around 30%, repeated the steps and jumped to 50%, from which it continued to steadily climb and eventually finish charging the battery.

    Currently i am 66% through whatever is happening when you have the chip icon on the phone. Called my local sprint store, and they are out of stock so fixing it myself or waiting until more come in (I was told by Thurs) are my only options. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    After restarting the webOS Doctor app every time it hung up (charging the battery) I was finally able to get through the process. Phone restarted in out of the box mode, but doesnt let me sign into my Palm Profile because it says I need to be connected to my provider's service, all the while i have 4 bars. My brick isn't quite back to being a Pre yet, but its definitely a paper weight clock with a nice cloudy background. Better than ugly brick i guess.
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    A call to Sprint got me back up and running, and ready to mod again. Thanx everyone!
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