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    This phone has some great functions and features, and I'd LOVE to keep this for my business & personal device, however coming from a blackberry, here are my concerns, and what will keep me from making the final switch (I'm on a 30 day test run w Sprint)

    Starting with highest importance:

    - Battery/Heat

    - Search Mail & Calendar!!

    - Calendar Notifications - Need options for snooze time, and I need to be NAGGED until I physically dismiss the appt!! It works to an extent, but not like the blackberry. Also would like to see the appts SEPARATELY, not just a quick view of 1 appt, and something that says I have 3 more...I need reminders of EACH ONE.

    - Auto "Link" Phone Numbers & Email Addresses(If I put a phone number in my calendar for an appt, I want to be able to simply click the # and dial)

    - Some kind of right-click function (hold down icon for a few seconds...anything)

    - Notification Indicator - or at least an indicator on the icon that you have a notification for. BB's put a red star by your email icon or facebook icon, if you have a new message. So even if you dismiss it, you know whats new. (If they did this as well as tweaked the calendar notifications, it would surpass blackberrys notification system for sure!)

    - I miss the functionality of the trackball :smileysad: I'll get over it, but I think there should be a way to scroll over letters when you are editing text.

    - More notification options on ring tones, messages, etc.

    Honestly I just think they need some blackberry gurus up there to make sure both bases are covered (iphone users, and blackberry/business users)

    I have 30 days to test drive sprint, and unfortunately if they don't improve in any of these areas, I am going BACK to my Blackberry w/ T-Mobile. However, I am hopeful I will be able to continue to use this phone as it evolves. I think they have a really great device, that has incredible potential...GET ON IT PALM!! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to DOMINATE!!
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    You are coming from where I was...tmobile with a blackberry curve.

    The biggest thing is really maturity. The BB OS is so mature, they have thought of and fixed everything imaginable. Every setting you could ever want to tweak is right there.

    Web OS is just getting started. They are balancing between development time and time to market along with ease of use and robustness of features.

    It will take time for them to get it right. Its totally a personal call whether to go along for the ride and enjoy the growth, or to stick with something that already has the basics down perfectly.
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    I did the same thing. IMO, BB is top notch for customizations & notifications. Pre pales in comparison & some stuff will drive you mad. But then again, you gotta remember what all youre getting with the Pre. Better apps, better OS for touch, MUCH better browser, etc.

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