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    Has anyone figure out how to forward a SMS or MMS?
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    you can't forward messages
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    This a textaholic :-(
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    noticed this too... kinda sucks...
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    this will come later on webOS *hopes* and better timestamps.
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    I can honestly say I've never forwarded a test but I hope they add this feature.
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    I dont forward SMS's too much but I do forward MMS's all the time. Has anyone receivied an MMS with animation yet? I know the pre can receive video MMS and pictures with audio attached to the MMS (even keeps the pic up while the sound is playing which many phones do not)
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    This would be a super useful feature. I can't seem to even copy text out of an old text message either.
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    I really hope they add the sms and mms foward features also the copy and paste. I do alot of texting and fowarding.

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