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    Curious if any one else has this problem, my volume down button does not work at all and to make things more annoying it will randomly turn the volume/ringer down all the way without touching anything.

    This gets really annoying because then it acts like I am pressing the volume down and it keeps the speaker icon and volume bars up on the screen the whole time preventing me from being able to click on the bottom of the screen. It also prevents me from being able to turn the volume/ringer up.

    The only work around I have found is to reset the device and it goes a way for a while but then comes back randomly.

    Other then this quirky issue I am really liking the pre/web os.

    I am planning on exchanging it as soon as my local best buy gets some more instock, but I was just wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue or does a better work around.
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    Hey did find out what was wrong? My phone is doing the same issue as yours, but with the volume up stuck! Help!
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    Just like voltageROCK's thread, I'll just copy and paste the response:

    This is a common hardware problem that is caused by moisture coming in contact with the volume buttons. Trust me, that happened to my Pre and it was annoying as heck until I got my replacement. The best thing to do is put the Pre in a bag of rice for 24 hours with the battery out ASAP. If that doesn't fix it, then you will have to get a replacement.

    Sprint will most likely replace the Pre under hardware malfunction if they don't press the issue, and you claim that you did nothing to damage it.

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