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    @tonylmiller I see you live in Huntsville too! This really is the engineer capital of America. LOL Do you work out on Research Park?
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    I have an old Centro battery, read the back, both are 3.7, fits perfect.

    The only problem I have is it is dead and won't charge in phone. When I put it in Pre, it shows large red/yellow battery, so I'm going to Service Center and trade out the battery for new one, try this to see if it works.

    If so, would be great for spare battery. I'm having no issues now, but going to lake with poor reception which eats everyone's batteries.
    Plug the Pre in and start it up with a charged battery in it. Once it is on and plugged in, quickly swap out the charged battery and put in the 0% charged battery without letting the Pre turn off.

    It will stay on and start charging the new battery. Both my Seidio batteries arrived with 0% charge and I had to figure this out on my own.
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