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    I have been tring to find out if the new webOS will sync with Act software.
    I use it as my data and contact managment system. Presently have a 755 and it works fine but would love to upgrad to the Pre.

    Oh? How cool is that, I want one!
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    There is a program called CompanionLink but it uses google contacts as intermediary. I called them and you can define up to 10 "user fields" beyond the typical fields in google. The user fields will show up in the top of your notes column and after that, the notes will begin. There is a 14 day trial of the program and then it costs about $50.

    I'm not crazy about using google. If you try it, let me know. I may "try it" eventually but then unlink the google account and delete its contacts and see if they stay on the pre.

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