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    I have both Pre and iPhone (1 gen) and one thing I have noticed is that feel of the Pre is that it is somehow "warmer", more approachable than iPhone. By warmer I do not mean physical temperature but the feel of the device and User Interface.

    It is hard to describe but iPhone feels much colder. The color scheme, the color setup of the screen, the what I call "industrial" UI design...

    The Pre on another hand has warmer color, warmer screen setup and rounded UI and shape. It feels more approachable. More "cartoon-ish" I might say.

    I think this can be huge selling factor, this "warm" feeling. Especially when you put it next to iPhone.

    Anybody else noticed this?

    I am still undecided whether to return Pre (will wait 30 days use it and get iPhone 3GS to compare and make final decision)...
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    yoda vs vader
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    Quote Originally Posted by precrack View Post
    yoda vs vader
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    I completely agree, even though they weigh about the same, the Pre feels lighter. I like the fact than you can see a lot of the wallpaper without all of the icons in the way too. The battery seems to be the reason many will return the pre if no fix is coming in the next 27 days.
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    It is part of Palm's intent. They tried to make a more approachable, feminine device. It worked. Everyone loves holding the Pre.

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