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    I just turned on my phone and when I tried to open up an app (any app), a notification error came up on the bottom of the screen saying I was out of memory and I should close some cards. The problem was that I didn't have any cards open!

    I tried going into "Device Info" to try to reset my device, and it wouldn't come up (same "out of memory" error).

    I searched the web and finally found a way to reset the device by pressing OrangeKey-Sym-R. Once the device booted up, it was back to normal.

    I wonder if one of the apps (maybe one of the 3rd party apps) has a memory leak where it stays resident in memory even when flicked off the screen. I've run the following 3rd party apps:

    Sudoku, AccuWeather, mobile by CitySearch, Pandora, Where, Classic, AP Mobile, mCraig, GoodFood, Fandango, Speed Brain,
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    Has anyone else experienced this issue? It would be cool if Palm developed a Task Manager app that showed all open cards and their memory usage. Of course, it would have to reserve enough memory to open this app in cases of extreme low memory.
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    There are memory leaks in apps. I can confirm that Spaz has been identified as having at least one memory leak according to their issues log. I suspect other apps do as well, particularly Tweed.
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    I'm wondering if maybe Accuweather has a memory leak, because I've had similar issues before too.

    And I also agree that Tweed seems to as well.
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    It's going to be hard to track down without having a task/process manager app that shows the memory usage. I hope Palm improves app memory management and hopefully adds the task manager app because this could become more of a problem if we start getting buggy apps released to the app catalog.
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    I finally experienced it last night when I launched, I had 3 cards open prior to launching web browser, once I signed into facebook, I could not get any other cards to come up, and I even closed cards and no more would come up until I closed the facebook card.

    I thought in one of the demos that Matt dude had like 5 or more cards open all day? I wonder how true that was now?
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    It's funny. After a restart, I can have like 15-20 applications open.

    After using it for a day, it's more like 5-10. A few occasions, it told me "Memory Critical" even with one application open. Once, it told me "Memory Critical" even after I closed all applications.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    It's funny. After a restart, I can have like 15-20 applications open.

    After using it for a day, it's more like 5-10. A few occasions, it told me "Memory Critical" even with one application open. Once, it told me "Memory Critical" even after I closed all applications.
    wow. I'll have to try that after I reset my phone. I've yet to reset it
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    I was also told that holding the power button and switching the mute slider on and off 3 times would reset the phone and fix the problem.

    If you do it this way dont press any of the options that appear shortly after letting go of the power key. You phone will fade out and then reboot.
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    I've also ran out of memory. I suspect the web browser to be the biggest culprit.

    Instead of resetting it, I hold down the power switch and select "Power Off" and the turn it on again.
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    I found that if I was watching a video while charging off a usb port, upon closing the video, there was some sort of memory leak. The phone was out of memory, and would not go into sleep/screen lock. I tried it a few times.

    This did not occur when I started and stopped the video while off the charger.
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    I had this problem on launch day but resetting the device did not fix it. Fortunately my Sprint store still had devices in stock so they gave me another one (I got the 5th one and last one on launch day). My problem occurred after I copied a bunch of photo to the Pre.

    Haven't had the problem since then.
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    So far, I've never been unable to continue after closing all apps. In fact, usually I get the message when opening a new Web page, and closing all open pages fixes things.

    I fully expect this issue to be fixed, but it's nowhere near as bad as with my Windows Mobile phones and it's much easier to resolve. What I really like is how well the system recovers when the issue does arise.
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    I have had the close cards message a couple of times. A simple reset fixes the problem. I can't tell which app is causing it because it was random each time.
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    I have had issues like this and it happens when I don't have 3rd party apps open. I find clearing the cache on the web browser helps. Any idea if this can be cleared automatically on exit?
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    You can also reset by pressing ORANGE+SYM+R
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    seems like it's Spaz that's leaking memory...
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    Had a problem of not being able to hold more than 1 card open after some heavy web browsing. Simple reset solved it. Kind of like a PC right now. My 3 gb ram is at 66% right now after leaving it on for 4 days with Word, Excel, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, iTunes, WMP, etc open at some point. When I restart it in a couple of nights it will be at like 45%.

    In windows...if you have closed something and then bring it back starts slightly quicker. Could be the same thing with the Pre. Lets say you can open 15 apps at the start...and 2 days later you are looking at 9-10. You probably see some of the original opening faster since they have already been opened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dd4618 View Post
    seems like it's Spaz that's leaking memory...
    Not necessarily. I haven't even downloaded Spaz and I ran into this exact issue yesterday. Happened while browsing the web and listening to Pandora.
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    I had the issue yesterday when I had two cards open, a half hour later when I had one card open - and finally last night I wasn't able to open anything due to the "Memory Critical" issue. I let it set there for about 30 seconds and it was fine, was able to open 10 cards without issue. Weird how it fluctuates!
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