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    Its a virtue.

    The Palm Pre and WebOS are far from perfect. There's dozens of potential issues and troubles with it. However, put it into perspective. Hardware wise this is a radical change for a company who for almost a decade has remained pretty standard in the layout of its phones. Software wise this is a brand new OS, Version 1, starting from scratch.

    And, on top of it all, its been out for under 5 days.

    Don't expect paradise in a week.

    Every new OS is going to have some tweaks that are needed. The Battery Life with the Pre is likely to be fixed with some tweaking of the OS and fixing of some issues. On screen keyboard may still be coming down the pike. Small changes like the center button turning things on may come to be. Third party programs are going to keep coming...hell, we already have 25 more native 3rd party apps in the first week than the iPhone had a number of months.

    I'm not saying don't talk about the issues with the Pre, they're there and the only way Palm may know them is if the community is out spoken about it. What I'm saying is temper your expecations and attitudes in regards to this stuff. Especially with apps. Things will come, but you can't expect PalmOS or Windows Mobile level of software options, platforms with decades of a base to them, from day 1.
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    As long as Palm doesn't pull an Xbox 360 RROD, I'll be fine.
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    I know I just said this in another thread, but it makes more sense here.

    I picture this phone being a whole lot more functional in 1-3 months and the best out there by 6-12 months .
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    i agree.. alot of people are expecting perfection at the beginning.. i am expecting alot too.. i hope alot of the issues get fixed in the first month or so.. again.. my fixes are simple, and very easy fixes.. forward text, copy and paste in text.. bla bla.. light up the center button when a message is waiting.. or blink it. very easy changes that i think a ton of people would love..
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    You said it: Version 1.0 OS and Brand New hardware. They did a great job, but the OS and integration need some work before it's truly ready for non-early adopters. Better than beta, but not quite all there.

    Let's hope the hardware issues are rare. That would be a bigger issue.
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    Exactly. The way I see it is your OS in general gives you a floor and cieiling when it comes out.

    WebOS's floor I think (IE, what it could do, how it looked, etc) is high initially. I'd dare say on par with the iphone's initial floor (perhaps you could argue above it). I'd definitely say above the floor for Android. Those would be the three "modern" OS's. Its floor is MUCH higher than Palm OS, WinMo, and BB which I think are more the "legacy" OS's.

    It also has a relatively high cieling. It seems to have the foundation, look, and function to have a lot add to it and for it to look modern and up to date for years to come.

    Right now the WebOS and Palm Pre are at the start of their life cycle, and they're starting rather high. The iPOS and Android are relatively young, above their "floor" but still not hitting the cieling. On the other hand, Palm OS and Windows Mobile are/were both pretty much at its cieling where any changes are basically cosmetic and a bandaid. They've had their run and both are needing brand new iterations to restart their life cycle (WebOS and Windows 7). Blackberry is somewhere in between, not quite at the cieling perhaps (i'm not as experienced with BB) and thus able to still get by with bandaids and patches onto their OS.

    If PDA history tells us anything, the first year to two years are the "growth" years where the platform experiences a robust and expedited growth as developers glom onto the new OS and the company itself starts adding and tweaking it after real world testing. The years following that are generally the evolutionary years. The Apps that come out are generally updates of old ones or another version of something that has multiple versions already. The changes to the OS are minor and generally cosmetic. Its during this portion that the "ceiling" is important and you get to see how long of life the OS can give through these small updates.

    We are at the Floor with WebOS where as the iPhone is pretty much coming close to the end of their growth Period. Trying to compare the two at the point they're CURRENTLY at is almost like comparing apples to oranges. Think back to the Floor the iPOS had and compare that to the WebOS floor and give it 6 months to a year to see how its comparing straight up.

    Its probably going to take a good 6 months for the WebOS and the Pre to get fully up and running with a rather decent library of apps, tweaks to the OS for usability, and changes to the OS to maximize the hardware the Pre has.
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    ALL first time anythings would need some tweaking. Instead of bad mouthing, let's move this forward in a constructive way.

    The changes I'd like to see the the Clock app include:

    1. A "custom" alarm that would allow me to choose which days I want for that alarm. The breakout of weekdays and weekends was a nice thought but I'm a 6-day work week and 1 day different when it comes to wake-up alarms.

    2. Ability to set the default "snooze" time period.

    3. Greater separation of the "Done" and the "Snooze" buttons (I'm just waking up and not too coordinated at first!). Perhaps one at the top and the other at the bottom of the screen?

    4. Ability to choose the alarm sound.
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    Great post and I agree on those, though you can choose the alarm sound I believe.

    I'm glad they included it with 1.02 since it seemed like they wouldn't. Something is better than nothing. But hopefully Palm or a 3rd party steps up for a good alarm app. I'd love a "Shake to turn off" feature.

    Also just being able to put specific times instead of always having to go by the 5's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    Its a virtue.
    That early adopters do not have. That's why they are early adopters. Patient people wait for version 2. Luckily for Sprint & Palm, there are a lot of impatient people out there.
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    I guess I'm just a weird one with patience and wanting to get one early.

    I was getting a new smart phone, that was determined. It was either get an iPhone and sign a 2 year contract while I watch the Pre grow into everything I want and more....or get a Pre that may not be perfect yet but know that in 6 months it'll probably be up to snuff with what I want and I won't be lamenting the fact I'm stuck in a contract elsehwere.

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