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    I have been playing with the task management program for some time now, and I am trying to get it to adapt to the functionality of the palm centro that I came from. There is no ability for me to filter through what tasks are due on what specific days...there is no ability for me to categorize the tasks in order of date, etc. The only way I can do that is if I manually drag it up, and if it outside of my window, I have to stop and scroll the window up to then take it to the top. I have hundreds of tasks that are assigned to certain dates, etc. and the centro did a marvelous job in helping me manage them. Are there any aftermarket applications that provide this functionality?

    Thanks so much
    Andy K
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    There will be. Be patient (like waiting 30 days)
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    I hope it comes really soon. I have all of my bill reminders there. the only part that i really need is to be able to make the tasks recur.

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