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    I'm sure this has already been discovered, but after reading the issues from other posters regarding AIM and Contacts/Contact Names I decided to try and find a solution.

    It's actually pretty simple. When you log into AIM and contacts are dumped into your address book, just find the appropriate contact and link the AIM profile to it. Fixed. If need be change your contacts default profile to the one that makes better sense when you scroll through your contacts.

    Again, probably already found and fixed...but maybe this will help someone.
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    Im aware of this fix..but i dont want my aim contacts merged with my contacts. I dont want to see a person's name when iming..i want to see the screen name. Wierd, yes but i'm just used to it that way. eventually i'll conform to all things synergy/merging, but for now i'd like a seperate IM "feel"
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    Weird. I remember when I changed my friends screen names ot their real names with DeadAIM back in the day.
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    mine is still showing up in the contacts list. is there something im doin wrong?
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    Actually, the easiest way for me was BEFORE linking my AIM profile on the Pre (if you already have done so remove it then continue) was to log into AIM on my computer, and for each screen name "Rename" the buddy to the persons name. i.e. right click on screenname1234 > edit buddy (or whatever) > Name: John Smith.

    After doing this for all your screenames, link your aim profile on your pre. Voila. All of the screenames will Synergize to the appropriate contacts.

    But I do agree, there should be an option to just have no aim buddy list syncing at all. I assume that when third party IM apps come out, they will simply just sign in and show your buddy list without syncing.
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    yea i edited the nicknames to show the real names and the pre did the rest for me... just remember tho if you already had ur aim account synced w/ the pre... edit the nicknames on a computer and then remove the account from the pre and re-add it.... hitting sync didn't seem to work with aim..

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