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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    That is entirely incorrect. The Pre has a few ways of locating you, the first is that way, yes. It can use cell towers to give you a general position. It can also use your Wifi connection to give a general position.

    But the third way is an actual satellite GPS fix. It's definitely an assisted GPS for a faster fix- this means that it downloads parts of the satellite data over the internet. (The ephemeris, which doesn't change very often, and requires a clear signal from at least 3 satellites so it can often take a while with a standard GPS receiver.) Then, it gets the rest of the information from the satellites as any GPS receiver would.

    I'm still not sure whether the GPS can work as a standalone receiver, which would mean without using the assistance, but to say that it always calculates the position from cellphone towers is false.

    Anyway, WHERE's update means it finally finds my position now.
    That might explain the problem. I noticed in the Sprint store, the 2 demo Pre's couldn't be found with location services. But the two demo phones were deep within the store and the store had very few windows far away. So maybe the OP was attempting to locate himself deep within a building. Perhaps trying to locate outside with satellite line-of-sight will yield better results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    The pre doesn't use satellites for gps. The Pre uses cell towers to calculate position. To my knowledge this is how all cell phone GPSs work.
    True - me wrong....
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