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    This was a very impressive thing in the demo, but in reality I've found the whole "wave" thing to be pretty useless. But maybe I'm wrong, so does anyone actually use it?

    With a multitasking OS then the favorite apps you put there are probably already open, and that uncustomizable app on the right is redundant since the swipe up gesture already brings up the launcher.

    It would be more useful if it worked more like an x-ray. Have a page of app icon (5 per row) behind the active application and as you move the wave up different icons would be available to launch.
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    I use it when I remember it. But that isn't very often.
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    I forget it's even there. I find it faster to swipe up to minimize then look for the app.
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    I think the wave gesture is great, I just forget that I have it at all
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    Funny you bring this up, I just started using it this morning. Being able to choose another app and launch it in one stroke no matter what you're doing is impressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlyn McKenzie View Post
    I use it when I remember it. But that isn't very often.
    Ditto. I think I've used it once (remembered to use it). To this point I've programmed myself to swipe up to card view making Quick Launch visible.
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    I havent been in many situations where I need an app that quickly, but i think in time it will become more useful for me. Say, when I was to grab a picture of something very quickly, one motion brings up the camera.
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    This is another instance of what the Pre does over the iPhone or G1 very well. And that is get you to a critical application fast. No going home first, not backing up. Straight from photos to phone in a simple movement.

    I like it and use it.
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    Yup, I use it all the time. I replaced the Contacts app with the Camera app. Brings up the camera quickly.
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    Once you remember to use it, it's awesome. One of the better features of the phone! Just need to get in the habit then you can't live without it

    Also, remembering to use Universal Search is something I'm still trying to learn, I'm still opening up Launcher to get to things like Google (through the web app)
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    i only use it to show it off.
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    I use it to show people how cool my phone is
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    I have my web icon in it. I use it to open up a new web card. Works great.
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    I used it when i wanna go to the web fast
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    been using it since yesterday afternoon since I activated advanced gestures and im starting to love it. Combined with advanced gestures it makes going into card view a rarer thing
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    I keep forgetting I can do that as well. Maybe I should set a reminder in the Memos app....
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    Started off only using it to show off like someone already said but now i can't stop using it. Very elegant and simple.

    I'm just chomping at the bit for some new App Store apps.
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    I use it mostly to access Calendar when I'm in email, and also to access the Web from email or another webpage (I switched Contacts and Phone with Messaging and Web on the quicklaunch bar).
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoRemorse View Post
    I have my web icon in it. I use it to open up a new web card. Works great.
    Why not just start typing the address in? Then you don't even need to open a card...

    I haven't figured out the best things to put in the launcher yet. I think Camera, Calendar, and probably 3rd party apps at some point. So many things are just easier to start typing like contacts, web addresses, etc.
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    Yup I use it... its quicker for me to open the launcher using the wave vs doing a two wipes and I also use it to open new browser cards
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