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    So I have a treo 700wx and one of the things I do pretty heavily is stream xm radio through (I've also used I know that the file format is .wma which is supported by windows mobile but relatively few other phones. In searching the forum I saw another post hoping for an XM app on the pre, but the nice thing about this method is that it does not require a specialized player or app (in WM it streams through media player). Anyone with a pre and an XM account tried to stream and been successful? Many thanks in advance!
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    I haven't tried musicdock on the Pre yet, but did use it on my 700p.

    Yesterday I tried going to the main xm website and try launching the player there.
    It actually came up and I could see all my favorite channels and the songs playing, etc, but I couldn't get any sound for the channel I selected.
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    Thanks, Cap. I'd read in another forum that people were able to use the 700p (but it also appeared that it had stopped working at some point). I assume if it (still) works on PalmOS it would work on WebOS, but if anyone has confirmation that would be great.
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    I have tried musicdock and xstreamxm and neither will launch the media player. I'm not sure what format the music player needs to stream, but would love to make this work some how.
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    Me too, musicdock was a no go.
    I don't understand why the media player won't open and stream XM?
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    Thanks for the (disappointing!) results. I wonder if it will run under the PalmOS emulator? It's a roundabout method, but if the current PalmOS Treo's work...

    I suppose another option is to use one a transcoding solution like UXM and Usirius (I've never used these to stream from outside my home, but I understand it's doable).

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