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    Ok, so I know how much I am gonna have to fork out for the phone, my question is if I go through bestbuy will I have to pay for my plan there? (will be a new activation) I mean after I pay for the phone will I have to pay the monthly service fee?

    Also any news on when BB will be getting a shipment? Did a search, lots of BB topics but nothing relevant or recent.
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    Supposedly Best Buy got 4,000 Pre's total and that's all they're getting. I've heard from several Sprint reps they're not due to get any more. Seems fishy to me though. Usually a partnership between Best Buy and a phone manufacturer goes beyond the launch day, right?

    Your monthly contract will be paid directly to Sprint. Once you make the purchase and sign up for a plan you're done with Best Buy, except for warranty repairs.

    The cheapest Everything Plan (Everything Plans are required with a Pre) is 450 minutes with unlimited data, plus Sprint TV and Navigation for $69.99/month. You can get $10 off that each month if you sign up as an Employee Referral using:
    By the way, that's not me. It's somebody who posted his info on this forum to help folks get a discount. I don't know if he gets anything for each person who uses his info.
    There are also discounts available depending on what company you work for, or if you're a government employee. You can't stack these discounts though. You only get one.
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    Thanks for your reply, I just really dont want to have to deal with the mir, But after I work this weekend I will see if I can afford to go to sprint. got 320$ saved up so far Woot
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    Russ.C.McGuire does indeed get a $10 referral for each person who puts him down as their referral. Bully for him.

    Bestbuy does not purchase their phones through the normal Sprint channels. I'm pretty sure Sprint put their foot down about making sure the phones go to Sprint stores and not Best Buy since Best Buy does not sell Sprint exclusively.

    I manage a Authorized Sprint store and we didn't receive any units since we haven't moved up to the "Preferred" dealer class (sell more phones then wait 6 months to get preferred, fun!). My friend manages the wireless department at our local Best Buy and he has told me repeatedly they barely push sprint at all preferring to sell AT&T and verizon service and phones. If his store has a similar trend to other Best Buy stores that may be another reason Best Buy got shorted on the supply.

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