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    Ideas for pre - some of these are really important, some are just thoughts

    - text faces/ icons
    - digital zoom for camera ( using the pinch)

    - un-delete / undo in mail (already had a couple oops)
    - Threaded conversations in mail
    - archive in mail- via imap may need to be a google thing
    - reorganize favorites in mail

    Web Browser
    - reorganize book marks in web browser
    - auto complete - in the browser (maybe even grab e-mails, addresses or # from contacts)

    Functions / text
    - an undo or oops button -contacts, mail, etc (so if I highlight a word or phone number and the accidentally delete instead of copy I don't get screwed)

    - auto bullets in Memos

    - auto spelling correct
    - auto finish (like t9)

    - spell check

    - print to network or blue tooth printer

    - fonts - change style, size, bold and italics

    - e-mail memo from memo's

    - change short cut keys/buttons (calendar or mail button into chat or web)
    - secondary short cuts (option key plus...)

    - short cut keys (option you for mark as unread in gmail etc. Option U, forward Option f - or gesture pad f)

    - when writing long lists in the memo's you loose the bottom either under the corner flip or in the "fade" on the bottom of the screen

    - quick link to available, unavailable, not online in any chat window

    Obvious things (or things I have read in forums to many times)
    - video recording
    - changing alarm sounds (e-mail, text, alarm, etc)
    - copy text in web browser or google maps or etc...
    - copy images from web

    - modify contact list on palm website (via pc)

    Calendar / Alarm
    - calendar - location searchable in google maps
    - set snooze time
    - ability to invite people to a event in calendar (shows participants if I set it up online perfectly but not the other way around

    - e-mail or txt address from google maps

    - delete buddies in buddie list (ie aim bots)

    - repeat event, set for first monday of every month, but on calendar comes up as Sunday. Tried to fix it and it says Monday slide back to Calandar and it is still set as Sunday. This was copied over from my treo
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    I would add...

    - Add ability to forward messages like I could on my Treo's
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    At a minimum 100% of the Treo messaging should be included. That should be the baseline for the Pre.
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    this is my take

    Call History:
    - ability to see the duration of calls

    - ability to also see days marked with all day appointment or event in month view
    - ability to choose default calendar view when launched
    - ability to see upcoming appointments on the home screen. and to choose how many events to show.
    FIX the circled day when calendar is launched

    Phone, SMS, MMS, Email:
    - this phone should have came with reminder alerts when any of the above is missed. some kind of alert sound and or flashing light.

    - ability to crop and move the chosen wallpaper to where you want to set it

    - ability to drop or send the cards to the rear of background

    - let us the user choose to sync contacts, calendar, memos, etc via google, and or usb to outlook etc...

    - ability to save photos from a web page.

    are these too much to ask...i mean some of these options are options on regular phones
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    I'll add one regarding email that irks me:

    After sending a new email, replying to an email, or forwarding an email, the user should automatically be taken back to the email app (or at least make it a configurable option). As it is right now you're taken to card view and have to tap the email app to go back into it.
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    i'll add the ability to search emails!! can't be done as of now.. i know it's a lOT of txt and may stress the phone.

    Also the Calendar should be FULLY compatible with outlook.. ie.. conference call? then phone should prompt when to enter extension

    I understand they modeled this after the iphone and made is "less complicated" then a standard treo. But i hope updates of functionallity come quickly.
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    I'd like to add the ability to set an automatic BCC when sending e-mails.
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    ohh and i almost forgot to add...

    Home page:
    - ability to add more pages to the home just limited us to 3....OMG
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    At a minimum 100% of the Treo messaging should be included. That should be the baseline for the Pre.
    And a minimum of 100% of the Treo PIM functionality. That should also be the baseline for the Pre. Seems unbelievable that it wasn't (on both counts)
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    - digital zoom for camera ( using the pinch)
    Pinching and zooming in on the picture after you take it does the exact same thing as digital zoom. The only thing digital zoom does for you is allow you to "pre-crop" the picture before you take it... and this function would be better served with a photo editing app if you simply can't be bothered to do your photo editing on your PC. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    At a minimum 100% of the Treo messaging should be included. That should be the baseline for the Pre.
    Maybe when Mark Blank left Palm he kept that code to himself?!?

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    The Pre has emoticons, when typing a message, hit SYM, go to the bottom of the list. You should be seeing a :-), :-(, ;-). Not in the best place, but they are there.

    Would like to see a notification for SMS, text, & email, by the 'trackball'. It will blink similar to the sidekicks.

    Able to have email alerts make a sound & Vibrate. Currently it is either or.

    Able to choose what sound for your notification alerts.

    Time stamps for Text.

    Overall it is a great phone, hopefully Palm is listening, and has an update for us soon.
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    I agree with just about everything except one of your items is already there...
    "Web Browser
    - reorganize book marks in web browser"

    You can do this easily, go to Bookmarks list, hold and drag to rearrange
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    I would like to see a change in email that sent emails to a different path/destination based on if you swipe of off to the right or to the left. An example would be configuring it to swipe right to send it to Trash folder and swipe left sending it to the Saved folder.
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    i wish that that at least one of the LEDs would blink or do something at the bottom when a notification (such as a text message) comes in and stays on until the message is looked at...

    so many times i come to my phone after ive walked away from it to see that ive got messages i dint know were there...

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