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    I wanted to make a thread for people to just post feature requests and suggestions. Lets no mess this up and turn it into a rant thread. Requests and Suggestions only please. Maybe we can get a Sticky

    I guess I'll start this off.....
    - Agenda/List view in Calendar
    - YouTube login
    - Amazon Video on Demand support (Mobile)
    - Universal Copy and Paste
    - Facebook Chat
    - Less taps to file an email
    - Custom messaging notification
    - Ask for unlock passcode only after set amount of time
    - Streetview for Google Maps
    - HTML5 support for new Google Mobile web apps
    - Louder default sounds
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    Light flashing when notification is waiting
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    Isn't there already a thread going for this?
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    ability to set contact groups/categories
    ability to send emails/sms to said groups/categories

    ability to customize all notification sounds (sms, email, calandar, etc)
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    Another one that was already started...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larson View Post
    Isn't there already a thread going for this?
    Yea. Didn't see it and it didn't come up when I searched, found it shortly after I made this. Oops.

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