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    ok so first i'd like to say i really love the phone.

    this morning. i noticed the gesture area wasn't responding. i did 3 regular resets. cleaned my hands wiped screen to see if it was grease or something. no improvement. i called sprint basicly they told me to do a restart and then do this diff restart where i hold power and turn the top volume on and button back and fourth 3 times. still no improvement.

    the screen has slowly gotten worse also. at first in the interactive test the bottom portion of green squares were fine. only the gestures wouldnt respond. now the bottom screen squares don't light up anymore.

    i've called my local sprint and of course they have none in to replace mine atm. so right now i'm jw if anyone has experienced similar problems? or maybe even have any troubleshooting suggestions.

    i really hope they get some in soon though cuz if it keeps spreading this is going to end up being just a brick.

    thanks for reading and any suggestions would be appreciated
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    sorry heard about that, sounds like a hardware problem, replace the phone in asap
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    Yeah, sounds like you're already making the right move in getting it replaced.

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