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    On my Pre I see blank message dividers after a while, which SOMETIMES get populated with email messages after a pause. However, sometimes they stay blank and are then unclickable, and I have to exit and go back in, then scroll slowly to give the Pre time to populate the email "slots" with actual emails. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I have 179 mails in my gmail inbox showing. I have flicked and flicked and flicked, I can get it to go all white but it popluates almost immediately. I cannot get the unclickable, but sometimes there is a very short pause after the mail slows and stops before I can click, but very short.
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    That does it. I'm pretty sure I have a defective unit. Mine is very slow to populate the blank slots. I even sometimes go in and NO emails show up. The entire OS seems to stutter doing almost anything. I'm running 1.02. I'm guessing my CPU or RAM is damaged and throwing a ton of errors, which slows things down, and sometimes corrupts data internally.

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