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    Is there any way to mute the sound the camera makes when you take a picture? Even if I turn down both the ringer volume and the system volume, it still plays. If you turn the volume down while in the camera app the option tab on the top left becomes visible, but you can't select the "Preferences" tab as it is greyed out...
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    the switch next to power button on the top edge
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    its against the law g....this law was put into effect a while ago, all mobile cameras have to make a sound!
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    In Japan it's the law, not here.
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    I hate comparing the Pre to my crappy Touch Pro, but that phone didn't make any noises after I turned off system sounds...
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    Not a US law and I don't think it should be.
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    Somebody please hack~~~!.o(∩_∩)o.
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    People turn the ringer to vibrate on the top of the phone. It will mute the camera shutter.
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    I think it is strange that turning of all system sounds doesn't cover the camera app... :/
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    Now I think you guys are just ****ing with the OP

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