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    I dont know if this is a bug or if the battery is actually not draining but, i've been using the phone on and off for about an hour and it is still at 100%.

    I had it on the charge tonight for about 3, maybe 4, hours till it charged to 100$ when it was at about 15%. then i unplugged it because i wanted to see how much drain occurred overnight with gps, wifi, and location all turned on.

    it's been about an hour in, and i've used it to look at some web pages (over wifi) and played with the settings some, and it's still at 100%.

    i will report back in the morning to see what it's at, but this seems strange to me. i'm skeptical that the battery is actually lasting. i'm more leaning towards that this phone is not reporting the accurate battery reading.
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    Psh I wish mine was stuck at %100
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    so the battery is not stuck at 100%, but it only went down to 93% after about 7 hours while i was sleeping. so it wasn't being used at all, and no apps were running. BT was off. Wifi was on, gps, location, even data collection was all on. and email was set to push.

    that's pretty good. i'll have to keep playing with it and see what happens.
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    I'll buy your battery if you don't want

    Wish mine stayed at 100%...even though it's a hardware or software problem, I'd like to be ignorant and just assume I had an everlasting battery.
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    trust me, it's not everlasting. i remember i drained it all the way down on the first day. i think update sucked a lot of juice out of it. however, performance was drastically improved yesterday...after it had been sitting on the charger all day (it was plugged into laptop at work)

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