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    Walking home from work
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    Very cool. Would be nice if the Pre had an IR filter and we could pic up that sky ...but still a very cool perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    Very cool. Would be nice if the Pre had an IR filter and we could pic up that sky ...but still a very cool perspective.
    It's been rainy and cloudy all week in New York, so there wasn't any sky to pick up in that picture. I'll take one with some sun if we ever see it again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by farfromit11 View Post
    Walking home from work
    That is a very cool shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDRacingZX6R View Post
    Just a question about the geotag guys. Is there a flickr like website, that makes use of the geotag feature?
    Flickr? I just upload them there and then when I look at my own photos there is a link that says "add to map" and it brings up a map with your photo. If you confirm that location it show that photo on your map.
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    It has more noise that I would like, but I use my real camera when it counts. It's still fun to have something that has more accurate colors than the Treo did.
    I'm going to try and take some comparison shots of downtown that are like the pics I took with my friend's Canon 20D.

    The pictures look great when they're wallpapers on the phone, and having them always on hand matters more than high rez. The camera phones with the 8 to 12 megapixel pictures aren't that much better at handling noise when you look at them on a regular monitor. I am guessing the ISO range isn't that high on this thing, maybe 800 at most.

    I don't expect aperture and shutter speed control from a camera phone, but a few more minor controls would be helpful.
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    Thought i would raise this thread from the dead. Was in my yard today mowing the lawn and decided to take some pics.

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    Sprintcar wreck this last friday! Oh boo, I was going to post from my pre but I can't attach from my phone. Blah.
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    -Took the last one in complete darkness using the flash (green light is a laser pointer)
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    almost looks like one of my dogs I will upload in a bit.
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    great pics, everyone.
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    My angel has had a long day

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    The first one is with my pre and the second one is with my pentax K200 in auto and 400 iso.
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    Los Angeles (From Sunday):

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    Quote Originally Posted by neodorian View Post
    Well, that is a problem when your lens is a little chip of plastic and not a nice big lens. Only so much light can get into the sensor. It's not like there's an aperture to open wider so it has to do things like slow the (virtual) shutter speed and crank up the ISO (sensitivity) when in low light. That leads to things like smeared pictures or grainy pics. It's a trade off you find in most camera phones.

    The number of megapixels in the sensor is meaningless when the lens itself is tiny.

    edit: here are some I took at a cookout/party on Saturday

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    Taken at the "green one", aka Walgreens
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    Well, it's the best camera phone I've had so far (the only other was on the Treo 755p )

    It looks just fine on the phone...
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