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    Here is one of my baby girl.

    Welcome to Ci Ci's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yankees368 View Post
    I love how we can just look at the EXIF data, and see EXACTLY where you were:

    N33.006667, W117.102222 - Google Maps
    and where do you find that data?
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    Use either:

    A standalone EXIF viewer like: EXIF Image Viewer

    An online EXIF viewer like: Jeffrey's Exif viewer

    A firefox addon like:

    Or upload to a site like Flickr which lets you add your photos to a map based on coordinates embedded in the EXIF data.
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    O man, you made me eat pizza tonight!
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    Well, I took a lot of nice photos today but don't have enough posts to show them. Why? I don't know.
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    what is the max camera picture size?
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    At night on thr grill...and yes I cleaned it after! LOL

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    Just a question about the geotag guys. Is there a flickr like website, that makes use of the geotag feature?

    I mean, like where you can see a map or what not and a bunch of location markers where the photos are shot? Etc. Aside from Iphoto, I dont know of anything else that is good for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neodorian View Post
    Jane's Addiction live:
    How was the show??? I might get tickets for their london gig ..
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    Why do some people have resolution at 2032 x 1520 and my max is only 1024 x 766?
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    OK... since everyone is posting about/from/at eating establishment photos, here's one from me. I had lunch here today (and the dijon chicken with mushrooms was fantastic!).

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    some country side in Delaware
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    I love having breakfast for dinner.

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    This is not from my Pre, but it is the morning of launch about 30 minutes before the Sprint store opened.
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    My little Bat Girl...
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    great pics. Need to get my post count up so I can share mine.
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    I also need to build my post count so I can post some of my picts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tripsbacks View Post
    This is not from my Pre, but it is the morning of launch about 30 minutes before the Sprint store opened.
    Hey... were you at the Beaumont TX Sprint store?
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    Central Park

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    My girl asking me if I would let her have mommy's old phone sine WE got some pre's!

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