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    I took these today from my Rose garden. i feel so proud!
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    WalMart change room.

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    Some of my pics.
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    Downtown Miami

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    Quote Originally Posted by groovdafied View Post
    HAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant
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    Palm webOS: "There`s a Patch for that"
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    wow I like those a lot
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    Street and River pics from Augusta, Ky.
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    the miami river

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    Quote Originally Posted by NINnerd View Post
    Here's one I took in downtown Kansas City, MO. This is under the outside seating area at Starbucks (it's raised up a story).

    I don't know how to post it bigger.


    Fixed! Thanks.
    I live in Manhattan ks i go to KC about 2x a week and i go to that starbucks some time lol
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    Here are a couple pics I took with the Pre let me know what you all think... The car shot was of my new 4300k HID lights on my car the other one is the farm and then the one is of the coffee shop i got to a lot here in Manhattan KS
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    I have taken some pretty good shots with my Pre.
    Here's one from the Smokie Mountians in North Carolina near the TN border.
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    Just stumbled across this thread. The pictures are cool and sometimes pretty funny =). Anyway the camera on the Pre is the first cell phone camera Ive really enjoyed using.

    Ill include the obligatory cat pictures...yeah I don't quite understand this phenomena, with the taking the pictures of the cats thing. But umm..well I guess its what we do!

    That is my collection of energy drink cans and the last one is a picture of the first MLS game. Philadelphia Union at the Linc!
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    Sunday afternoons in small town South...

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    I took this recently on the Isle of Wight

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    Quote Originally Posted by diggedy View Post
    I took this recently on the Isle of Wight

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    The Awakening at the National Harbor

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    "just like your rims still spin even after your car stops/ then where will you spend eternity after your heart stops huh?"

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