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    ENJOY 3 PIC:
    Natural FLOWER
    metal flower

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    thanks, i use neatimage instead of noise ninja, anyone have a profile for that?
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    there you go 1024 pixels high
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    @diessel_xp Those were taken with the Pre??

    How did you get that shallow DOF?
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    JAUDERHO this is the website for pre pic.

    ENJOY IT!!!
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    I'm looking for pictures *taken* with the pre not for the pre.
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    hey how do u guys post pictures? do i upload the pictuteres from my pre to my computer or what?
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    Here's one I took in downtown Kansas City, MO. This is under the outside seating area at Starbucks (it's raised up a story).

    I don't know how to post it bigger.


    Fixed! Thanks.
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    Got to "Go Advanced" and there should be a button to add attachment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diessel_xp View Post
    That's my new wallpaper. Very cool, thank you.
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    here's my fav pic i've taken with the pre so far.
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    bringing it back from the the dead im still on 1.21

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre
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    Nice pictures. Although I havent taken many good ones myself (I will upload some when I do) ive noticed the camera is a hell of a lot better than my 5mp camera on my old samsung omnia. Ive yet to find one that beats my old N95, but this one is actually pretty good
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    Here's a photo I took from my seat...
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    1st is my cat
    2nd is pic I snapped @ Shedd Aquarium (goes great as a wallpaper with any blue theme)
    3rd is view of Chicago outside of aquarium
    4th is a Hawk I saw on the corner by my apartment, snapped from inside my car (I go to school in Iowa). It was eating something.
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    cool pics!
    Live the Pre life.
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    Shotglass in front of external hardrive LED
    Crazy lady on side of road by my work in Baltimore
    Cousins new C6
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    Yesterday when I went to play snooker at a local hall
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