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    Comments? Good? Bad?
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    Screwed up the horizon on this one.

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    My School.
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    A couple of pictures from the weekend of my trip to NYC!!!

    Had such an awesome time. Can't wait till I move to NYC in a month!


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    I can't believe how good these pictures are. All the little kids are sooo cute.
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    My Z28
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    Now on a Samsung Epic
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    Posting a couple more from my NYC trip.


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    taken at dusk and love the shutter speed on the pre
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    Picking berries at a U-pick farm.
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    The flash does funky things to my cat's eyes. She looks like she's about to shoot lasers at me. Very low lighting in the room at the time.

    Some of the first pics I took with the phone. Bad hailstorm in the middle of June. Taken from indoors through my bedroom window.

    My two nieces after a dance recital.

    So far I'm extremely satisfied with the camera quality. My Mogul didn't take pictures anywhere near this good and neither did my wife's old HTC Touch Pro.
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    erod550, That pic of the Cat's eyes is awesome! Looks like a deamon cat. LOL
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    I just started a thread to highlight your best pictures over here and will be featuring the ones I like best on the photoblog that I just started. Feel free to post over there and looking forward to seeing your shots.

    PS. Please let me know if you do NOT want me to feature your picture. Full credit is always given...
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    i'm a pro shooter, so don't hate.
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    time to resize, lol
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    I'll say. =)

    Noise Ninja that puppy too! Here's a NN profile I made for the Pre
    Mobile photoblog
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    Wow. I've got to say these are some stunning and amusing pics posted here. I had no idea the camera was that good.
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    The camera is pretty good but it has its flaws too. I'm putting together a post on how to take good looking pictures with the pre. Will update.
    Mobile photoblog
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syphon View Post
    I see you're a cop that drives a Charger. I think, that interior looks a lot like the Charger.

    You are correct sir.
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