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    Quote Originally Posted by Rawandvital View Post
    Taken with my PALM PRE!

    One of the best pre pics I have seen
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    Quick snap on the night of the 4th with flash off. Not great but I just wanted to see how they would turn out.

    Funny to see all of the other cameras one in the foreground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kilofoxtrot View Post
    Ruby Throated Hummer
    Isn't that what happens after all hummers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by groovy View Post
    Quick snap on the night of the 4th with flash off. Not great but I just wanted to see how they would turn out.

    Funny to see all of the other cameras one in the foreground.
    Nice Fireworks pics mine truned out similiar I will post later
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    Quote Originally Posted by Addie_Goodvibes View Post
    One of the best pre pics I have seen

    I agree!
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefinder24 View Post
    Well, its not taken by my Pre, but instead it's of my 4 Pre's Needless to say AT&T lost a 6 year customer and Sprint just gained 4 more lines! Note: The one on the far right was the one I picked up Friday night, the other three I picked up today.
    Ok so you bought 4 out of the 4 Do all of them seem to be working well, any problems ?
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    PRE-view series pics!!!
    These are from yesterday, will post today's pics later on.

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    These two I took from when I went golfing a couple weeks ago in the foothills northwest of Austin. It was pretty scenic, and deer were everywhere. We seriously couldn't believe how many deer we saw, and how docile they were.

    This one I took yesterday while I was painting my house. A baby bird had fallen out of its nest, and we snapped off a couple pictures before putting it back.

    I'm still very impressed by the capability of the Pre's camera to take outdoor pics. It can really perform beautifully at times.
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    taken with my pre, while he was swinging back and forth. pretty good shutter speed for a camera phone, if you ask me...
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    Here's some that I took at a camp site I was checking out for an upcoming trip..

    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

    Treo's 650-800..NOW,
    Palm Pre
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    i took this one last night lol
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    Pics come out good I'm goning to post a lot !!!!

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    PRE-view 07

    Here's the question... Did I take this in a tropical setting or did I take this outside of UNO restaurant! hmmm...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huncher View Post
    In my office

    My Desk
    I see you're a cop that drives a Charger. I think, that interior looks a lot like the Charger.
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    Last Friday in downtown San Diego.

    I also agree, the pre camera, while not perfect(terrible at night and in poor light) is pretty good at reducing motion blur from your subjects.
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    Finally got onboard with Photobucket! Fantastic service, and ease of use!

    Anyway, my baby is 9 months old, so I am still "in the bag" for her.. 99% of the pictures I take are of her. One is my launcher screen, and one is her displaying her satisfaction for the selection at the local Babies R Us!

    (notice the middle icon in the quick launch.. that is my wife's contact icon.. of course, also a pic of our girl, Samantha)


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    Downtown Chicago

    The last one was taken on Lake Michigan during a dinner cruise. There had been a bad storm the night before and a lot of dirt & debris was emptying in the lake from a river. you can see the dividing line of the brown & blue water.
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    Here are some I took.

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    Imma fire my lazers
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    Took my Jeep off-roading
    New mug I got at the 20th Anniv of the B-2 Bomber yesterday 07/18/09

    Jeep photos were taken with my first pre. Second one seem to take better photos
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